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Side curtain airbags are an important part of a vehicle's occupant restraint system. They are designed to protect the front and rear seat occupants in a side impact crash. Aside from offering additional protection, these airbags may also help prevent ejection from the vehicle. Since the introduction of the first curtain airbag in 1998, the use of this technology has evolved. New models include the Mazda CX-9, which has five impact sensors, allowing for optimum control of side airbag inflation timing.

Inflatable curtain airbags can also be mounted on the roof. Some SUVs, such as the Ford Transit 15-passenger wagon, feature industry-first five-row side-curtain airbags. The new Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Cobalt, and Honda Ridgeline are also equipped with roll-sensing curtain airbags. Originally, tubular-shaped head-side airbags were designed to protect the head of the occupant during a side-impact crash. Today, most side curtains use an inflatable design, which is intended to reduce the risk of neck and brain injuries.


It may appear like automakers are trying to squeeze an airbag anyplace they can in order to create safer vehicles. The side curtain airbag is one such contemporary invention that has shown to be highly useful and adaptable.

Side curtain airbags have received better safety ratings for sedans and minivans for a number of years. But lately, manufacturers have discovered fresh methods to customize side curtain technology for specialized uses, particularly in high-risk automobiles. For instance, side curtain protection and rollover-specific security are presently available to drivers of convertibles and SUVs. Because subcompact vehicles are becoming more popular, curtain airbags can also be quite useful.

A new microcar will deploy curtain airbags to help protect its occupants' necks, even though customers and authorities frequently doubt the structural stability of small automobiles. The public's image of tiny, fuel-efficient automobiles may be changed if curtain airbags show useful in rear crashes.


  • During a side impact crash, side curtain air bags are designed to protect the driver's head. These airbags are designed to deploy within 10 to 20 milliseconds of detecting impact. They also help reduce the risk of partial ejection in rollover crashes.
  • Besides protecting the head, side curtain airbags can reduce the chance of injury to passengers who are ejected from the vehicle. In addition, they are often used in combination with other types of airbags.
  • Side curtain airbags are available in many vehicles. Some feature separate airbags for each window, while others include a single airbag that covers all windows. Depending on the car, the curtain may or may not extend to the third row of seats.
  • Curtains can be used to keep out the broken glass and other debris from a collision. This can be especially important for smaller cars and subcompacts. Aside from the obvious safety benefits, these airbags are an affordable option for the car buyer.
  • While there is no official government standard for the safety of side curtain airbags, many automakers offer their own versions. The cost of these devices varies by automaker, so it's best to do some research before purchasing a vehicle.
  • Among other benefits, these airbags have been shown to reduce the risk of death in side-impact crashes. A recent study has revealed that the combined use of side curtain and torso airbags reduce the chance of death by 41 percent.
  • The benefits of these airbags are also important for rear-seat passengers. Many front and rear seat passengers are ejected during a side impact crash, leaving them at risk of severe soft tissue injuries.


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