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Under the passenger dashboard or as a component of it is the passenger airbag. Newer models often have two stages, whilst older ones only have one step. There are several new varieties where the airbag sits behind the dash and is not offered with the cover, despite the fact that the majority of older passenger airbags came with the cover.


  • Take the glove box out. The glovebox is secured to its support rail by two Phillips screws. Once you take them out and unlock the glove box, it will lift off into your hands.
  • Take the safety connection off. You'll see a mix of orange and blue interlocking connectors behind the location of the glove box. The orange part separates first, then the blue. Make sure none of the connections' four ends—particularly the blue one leading up to the airbag—come into touch with anything that may be electrically charged, such as a radio's capacitor or an alarm system's backup battery.
  • It is possible to remove the four bolts holding the module in place using a 12mm socket and extension. Put your head and shoulders in the passenger footwell and gaze up to observe them, which are vertically aligned. You shouldn't require a lengthy extension; three inches should be plenty.
  • The module may move rather freely in its cradle when the fasteners are removed. The detonation wire is secured to the back of the airbag module's cradle in the dashboard by a little plastic clip. Move the module out two or three inches, then with one hand, reach inside with a long flat-head screwdriver and depress the holding tab. Reach up from the glove box chamber with your other hand to manipulate the plastic clip out of its mounting hole.
  • Gently remove the module from its cradle. Always keep airbag modules with the external trim plate facing away from you when handling them. In the case of a detonation, you will be less likely to sustain injuries if you do this.
  • To activate your horn once again, reconnect the orange portion of the connection.
  • Your airbag computer probably already had hysterics over the disappearance of its newborn. Archives have a variety of information, however for my car, a 3 ohm, 1/4 watt resistor placed across the two leads of the blue wire that runs back into the car can trick the computer into believing the airbag module is still present.


One of the most important innovations in vehicle safety is the air bag. They can save thousands of lives in a single crash. They can also cause serious injury to those in the vicinity. There are several styles of airbags. Some are mounted on the steering wheel, while others are integrated into the dashboard. Some are a bit more expensive to install than others.

The best way to find out is to ask your local dealer. They will know your vehicle by name and can give you a price quote. You can also do a quick online search. Most manufacturers have a parts list and can provide you with an accurate quote. BUY AIRBAGS is the place where you can find the best quality used undeployed airbags, prices are very affordable and the airbags are tested and inspected to ensure the safety.

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