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Knee airbags are designed to disperse impact forces to lessen leg injuries and typically deploy from the lower dashboard. Through the regulation of lower body movement, they may also assist in lowering stresses on an occupant's chest and abdomen. On premium models or heavily loaded vehicles, the knee airbag is easily accessible and is situated below the steering column. Some bolster airbags are made to protect the foot and knee at the same time. The driver is given additional protection by the knee airbag, which works in conjunction with the seat belt tensioners.


The knee bolster airbag is designed to protect the lower extremities of the front seat occupants. It is a padded panel that presses against the occupant's knees. It can reduce KTH injuries. In addition, a knee airbag can be designed to provide cushioning to the driver's knee.

There are two basic designs for the knee airbag. One uses an airbag itself to press against the front occupant's knees, while the other style is a "knee bolster" that is permanently attached to the vehicle. Inflatable knee bolster airbags are predicted to be installed in about three million model year 2004 vehicles. However, the majority of the vehicles on the road today have only six to eight airbags. Knee bolster airbags are designed to prevent injury to the passengers and the driver. They were developed to protect the lower extremities in frontal crashes. In order to ensure proper function, the airbag must be filled with the proper gas. In some cases, the airbag can inflate and injure the passenger or steering wheel. In other cases, it can inflate but do little to protect the occupant's lower extremities. Nonetheless, the safety benefits of the system are significant.


  • The airbag knee bolster is a safety feature that has become standard on many new cars. These features are designed to help keep front-seat occupants away from the inflation zones of the frontal airbags.
  • A knee bolster is a crushable barrier beneath the dashboard that protects your lower legs in a crash. The panel is padded and is generally made of hard plastic.
  • A knee bolster can also be made of a soft-surface material that wraps around the legs. It is a little more complex than a standard knee airbag but may offer more protection.
  • The most recent design combines a knee bolster with a load distribution panel, steering column, and paddles. These elements are actuated by the same sensors that control the frontal airbag. The bolster helps hold the occupant in place and may prevent "submarining" - gliding under the seat belt.
  • Various manufacturers have experimented with the knee bolster airbag in their vehicles. Some vehicles have the feature as an option, while others have it as a standard feature.
  • This is the most popular airbag, but it isn't the only one on the market. Some companies, such as General Motors, have started to include them in more models of their cars.
  • The airbag knee bolster is a useful feature that helps to decrease the likelihood of injuries to your lower limbs. These devices, which are found in many car models, are a small price to pay for better frontal collision occupant survival.

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