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If you own a Chrysler, you may consider replacing the air bag control module. The system is responsible for protecting your passengers in case of a crash. There is a warning light that will light up on the dashboard if you experience an issue with the airbag. When the light illuminates, the system is in trouble and will need to be fixed. Airbags are also referred to as Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS). If your SRS is defective, you will have to take your car to a technician to diagnose the problem and repair it. They will be able to install new parts or reset your SRS with special software. Alternatively, you can perform a DIY fix. But keep in mind that an improperly installed SRS can result in an airbag that inflates in the wrong place and could increase the risk of injury.

Aside from an airbag, a Supplemental Restraint System may also include seat belt pretensioners, an airbag clock spring, and roof-mounted curtain airbags. Faults can include sensor failures, an airbag control module, and problems with your seatbelt pretensioner. So if you think you might have a problem, it's best to leave the repairs to a professional.

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If you notice an airbag light on your Vehicle, it's best to get it checked out immediately. The system can have a variety of problems, so you'll need to know what to do if the light comes on. You may also need to get related repairs done.

  • When the airbags deploy, the contactor in the high-voltage battery opens. This stops current flow through the high-voltage cables. However, if the wiring harness gets loose or damaged, the system can't work correctly.
  • To make sure the airbag system is working properly, you'll need to reset it yourself or have it reset by a third party. If you're not comfortable doing this, you can always take your Car to a mechanic to get the issue fixed.
  • Some issues may include airbags that have been deployed too early or not enough times, false deployments of the airbags, or damage to the front windshield or sunroof. Other possible issues include seat belt pretensioners preventing the airbags from deploying.
  • A vehicle's safety belts are the most important part of its crash-avoidance system. The Car features dual-stage front and side impact airbags. It also has a seat-mounted thorax airbag.
  • In addition to the airbags, the Car has stability control, traction control, and brake assist. The safety belts also have sensors that inform the airbags when the seat is occupied.
  • There are also optional technologies, such as a rearview camera, blind spot monitoring, and OnStar. These systems offer an automatic crash warning, the remote door unlocks, and stolen vehicle locations.


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