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Behind the steering wheel, within the steering column, is an airbag clock spring. This clock spring is nothing more than a flat ribbon cable harness that has been spirally twisted to simulate a spring, allowing your steering wheel to swivel while keeping all of your devices connected to their respective power sources and untangled. A clock spring, sometimes known as a clockspring, is a spiral-wound unique rotating electrical connector used in car steering systems that allows the steering wheel to revolve while maintaining an electrical connection between the horn, other devices, and the vehicle's electrical systems.

If you're in need of a air bag clock spring, you should definitely come to our website. We sell great quality clock springs for cars at an affordable price. We have a wide range of designs that will help you find the perfect airbag for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for an clocksprings for your Honda, Toyota, or Chevy, we have what you need.


Your car's clock spring needs to be changed, which is one of the main reasons for a non-working car horn and/or a flashing "check airbag" light (even if your airbag has never been deployed, a testament to your excellent driving abilities). Any clock spring that has been damaged must be replaced right away. If you attempt to drive a car that has a damaged or broken clock spring, you will find it very difficult to turn the steering wheel. If you continue to do this, it will also harm other elements of your car and endanger you as the driver.

In the interest of your total safety, it is typically advised against taking the risk of having your clock spring fixed, even if it could be less expensive to do so. Additionally, it is advisable to let a technician do the task since you risk accidentally injuring yourself by prematurely activating your airbag.


Between the steering wheel and the steering column is where the clock spring is located. If you ever decide to take off your steering wheel, you will see a round, often black or yellow, item. There will always be cables going from that clock spring into the steering column. A clock spring may also be referred to as a coil spring assembly, clock spring coil, spiral cable, contact reel, coil, or cable reel assembly. Know that the same gadget is referred to by all of these other names if you ever encounter them.


A clock spring, sometimes known as a clockspring, is a spiral-wound unique rotating electrical connector used in car steering systems that allows the steering wheel to revolve while maintaining an electrical connection between the horn, other devices, and the vehicle's electrical systems. Although a clock spring has only a minor direct impact on how much a steering wheel actually turns, it nevertheless has an impact. You could hear a rubbing or clicking sound when turning the steering wheel if a clock spring is worn out or breaks.


One of the coolest new GM products to hit the showroom floors is the air bag clock spring. This is a technological marvel that has not been around since the mid-century. This component has the most impressive longevity of any automotive component you can find. Basically, the clock spring is a coil whose main job is to maintain electrical continuity in the airbag cylinder and other ancillary components. This equates to a fairly trouble free ride. The best part is that it will never detract from the performance of your engine.

As with any technological marvel, the most important factor is a good fit and a sturdy installation. The trick is to choose a reputable dealer that has a demonstrable track record for delivering the goods on time and on budget. This means you are unlikely to end up with a counterfeit product or, worse still, the latest tech in a box. Generally, the cheapest GM clock spring can be had for under a grand. Of course, you should only buy a quality replacement part, as this is the best way to ensure your car's safety and performance. The parts are also easy to replace, making it a great option for the do-it-yourselfer.


An airbag clock spring is a critical component in the Supplemental Restraint System, or SRS. It is located behind the steering wheel. It is designed to last a lifetime, but use and wear can take its toll. When the clock spring is damaged, it can cause airbags and other components to stop working. If the problem occurs, an airbag warning light will come on. In addition, the car will produce an unusual noise when you turn the steering wheel.

The coil spring airbag is a coil of flat wires. It expands as the steering wheel is turned, then retracts. It maintains electrical continuity for all of the components in the SRS system. The wiring inside the spring can become brittle and broken over time. A clock spring should not be replaced too often. This is because a faulty clock spring may create a short circuit, which can blow fuses. It is also possible to experience an open circuit, which can cause smoke to emerge from the steering wheel. If this happens, you should have the wiring inside the clock spring checked out.

A bad clock spring can increase the cost of having the SRS airbags installed. Some warranties cover clock springs, but you should check your warranty before buying. Get rid of all these hassles just give us a call, will help you find the perfect car clock spring at an affordable price without breaking the bank.

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